About elium

We are a European award-winning SaaS company in the knowledge sharing space and with strong growth on the international stage.

Every organisation is looking for ways for people to better work together, share knowledge and grow as a learning organisation. We developed and continuously improve elium, our knowledge sharing platform based on cutting edge technologies, engaging user experience and durable customer-centric methodologies. Our key capabilities have led us to over one hundred thousand SaaS subscription-based users worldwide and provide us with a huge opportunity to complement and challenge Google, Microsoft and IBM offerings. We are now recruiting and scaling our team to reach the one million user mark.

Elium enables people to better share, organise, distribute and collaborate around high-value content such as market insights and everyday business practices. This is especially time-critical today within consulting firms and industries in transformation. Our mission is to help such organisations make a difference by empowering their people and knowledge sharing makes this happen.

Our headquarters are located in the Axis Parc nearby Louvain-la-Neuve, a central and easy to access business parc with all facilities.

Current openings

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